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Descendants of John Sheppard


515. Cape


450. Jan Wynette Brown

Jan and Anne Clark Bowden were very close until Anne married in 1966. Since Anne had no brothers or sisters, Jan and Charlene were like sisters to her. Anne remembers sitting on the porch eating cherries that were too ripe for Uncle Charles to sell on his vegetable truck. The Browns lived next door to Grandma Brown on Harriston Rd., with only a cow pasture between them, and Anne would always walk out to the road and back, rather than go through the pasture, dodging cow pies and mean cows.

Rev. Jerry Brown

Jan met Jerry while attending Bob Jones University. She didn't even change her last name when she married him. They have lived various places where he has been a pastor.

Kevin Thomas

Letter dated July 1, 1998, from Hilda Brown.